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The Point Hostels April 5, 2017

Semana Santa means take off Lima and go as far as you can. So if you are looking for a place to escape to and have fun, here you got it! A little paradise – Mancora! Some places simply scream holiday, and Mancora is easily at the top of the list.

Mancora is a town that has mushroomed in popularity and size over the last few years. It has turned from a lazy fishing village into a gringo hotspot. You may heard about crazy Full Moon Party at The Point Mancora, where people from all Mancora get together to enjoy fiesta and dance all night long. And I mean it – all night long.

Mancora knows how to turn up the heat and the music. Nightlife proves to be a party no matter what day of the week it is. So, let your sun kissed hair down, and get a little crazy in this small city.

Not a party person? Here is a small list of what you can do in Mancora:

  • Surf: It’s incredibly cheap to test your skills on Mancora’s famed left point breaker. Private classes are offered as well as board rentals. Surf schools line the main part of Mancora’s beach.
  • Beach bumming: The town is small meaning no matter where you choose to stay you will only be a few steps away from the salty waves. While the main part of the beach can get a bit crowded, it’s easy to find your own sand spot to dig your heels into.
  • Santuario Nacional Manglares de Tumbes: Day tours take you north to Tumbes where boats guide visitors throughout the mangroves and to two nearby islands. Trips are advertised all over town, as the agency will take you to one of the worlds more important and fragile ecosystems, make sure that they are reputable and conscious of their trips impact on the area.
  • Horseback riding: Horses (and their owners) roam up and down the beach looking for backpackers ready to ride off into the sunset.
  • Snorkel with Sea Turtles: Trips out of town will take you into known locations where green sea turtles abound. Snorkeling amongst these majestic wonders is quite the experience!
  • Mud Springs: Located in the nearby town of Zorritos (about 45 minutes away) is a collection of five naturally occurring mud baths. Each pool provides a different textural experience and healing property.
  • Kitesurfing: Kitesurfing schools line the coast along Mancora’s beach. Simply watching these guys ride out to sea and jump high above the crashing waves is entertainment. However, you can also sign up to take classes and test the power of the water and wind for yourself.