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The Point Hostels March 1, 2018

Is located two blocks away from our hostel in Lima-Barranco. Check these facts that you probably didn’t know about:

1. It was built in 1876 because they needed to together two streets: Ayacucho and Ermita. At that time it was brook under it so it was kinda necessary.

2. It was re-build a couple of times till nowadays. This is one of the Turistic Spotlights in Barranco.

3. The literal translation is “Bridge of the Sighs”, this name began because of the daughter of a wealthy man fall in love of a street sweeper and her dad banned her to see the man who she loves. With a broken heart, she would stand by the window of her room and sigh with such melancholy that people crossing the bridge could hear her.

4. The legend says the one who cruces this bridge for the first time must do it without breathing. If you complete it your wish will come true.

5. The road down the bridge will take you directly to the beach, this was the old road that the fishermen used to go to the sea, nowadays this road is called Bajada de BaƱos (Road to the Bathrooms)


6. This is an amazing spot to take awesome photographs! During the night this bridge has lights that make the whole atmosphere romantic.


7. If you don’t want to go directly to the beach, you can find cool spots where you can stay to see the sunset, also a few bars, restaurants and cafe’s with an amazing view.

Don’t miss it!